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List of Offerings (alphabetical)

Because we are committed to sourcing only premium cheeses, charcuterie, produce, etc., many of our items are often interchanged based on availability and seasonal freshness.


Custom orders are welcome.

Bamboo Charcuterie Boats

Our sophisticated yet easy-going charcuterie boats are designed to fit in the palm of your hand. They're perfect for any mix and mingle event.

Serves 1 individual.

Price varies by quantity.

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Barkuterie Box

Why should humans have all the delicious fun? It’s time man’s best friend enjoys delectable canine-friendly decadence too. We love to pamper your pet as much as you do.

Serves at least 1 pampered pet.


Bread Boat

Featuring Cookeville favorite "Meg's Bread," our crispy-chewy, can't-get-enough bread boat is always a feast fit for royalty. It's filled to the brim with the same delectable offerings as our cheese boxes, but is served in a large boule of artisan, handcrafted bread baked fresh, just for you. Please order at least one week in advance so we can coordinate with Meg.

Serves 5-6 guests.


Charcuterie Cones

Perfect for party favors or any time you need no-fuss, carry-along deliciousness that charms and impresses.

Serves 1 individual.

Price varies by quantity.

Cheese Box, large

This is our largest box.

Serves 10-12 guests.


Cheese Box, medium

This is our mid-sized box.

Serves 6-8 guests.


Cheese Box, snack size

This is our smallest box.

Serves 2-4 guests.


Chocolate Smash Hearts

Our decadent hand-made chocolate smash hearts are created with your choice of premium white or dark Ghirardelli chocolate and are filled with delectable, hand-selected surprises. Custom orders are welcome!

Serves at least 1 individual.



Our scrumptious mini-cheese balls are fresh and handmade. Not your mama's cheeseball, they taste as luxurious as they look. Available in a four-pack or a six-pack.

Serves 4 or more guests.


Edible Bouquets

Our hand-designed bouquets are as delicious as they are beautiful. Our Brie-Mine bouquets are especially popular for Valentine's Day. Custom orders are always welcome.

Serving size varies.

Price varies.

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Edible Gifts and Specialties

Look no further for extraordinary, hand-crafted gifts. Year-round choices include edible bouquets, scrumptious Royal Chruffles (cheese truffles), charcuterie cones and charcuterie boats. We also have limited-time seasonal specials for holidays. Please inquire about seasonal availability and custom orders through the "comments" section of our online order form.

Serving sizes vary by item.

$45 and up

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Grazing Tables

Our custom-designed tablescapes are an “edible-art” experience your guests won’t soon forget. Consultation required.

50 or more guests.

Starting at $800

Large Tray

We kindly ask for the large wooden tray to be returned within 48 hours. We require a small deposit to encourage returns, or you may purchase the tray to keep for yourself. Please inquire.

Serves 15-20 guests.


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Luxury Picnics

An unforgettable, magical, one-of-a-kind food fantasy. You choose the location (within the Upper Cumberland region) and the number of guests. You imagine it, and we make it a reality. Consultation required.

Two or more guests.

Starting at $600

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Royal House of Cheese Boxes

Our famous Royal House of Cheese Boxes contain a delicious seasonal assortment of fine cheeses, cured meats, crackers, fresh and dried fruits, nuts, etc. The beautiful wooden containers come in three sizes and are a traditional round design reminiscent of old-fashioned cheese boxes. The boxes are yours to keep and don’t have to be returned. However, if you return your empty box, you’ll receive a $5 credit on your next Royal House of Cheese purchase.

Servings vary.

$45 to $120

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