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Diego Alvarez

The King of Edible Art

Diego is Cookeville's first and best-loved food artist. 


He's known around the Upper Cumberland region for his impeccable taste, luxurious attention to details, and unparalleled ability to transform any event into a magical occasion.

The Royal House of Cheese Origin Story

Becoming a catering entrepreneur and starting a charcuterie and grazing table business was never something Diego consciously set out to do.


From the beginning, popular demand for Diego's beautiful and delicious edible art has always been the power behind the ever-growing success of Royal House of Cheese.


It all started in Diego's kitchen, several years ago.


After successfully serving in the US military as an Air Force medic and then returning to civilian life, Diego started hosting informal get-togethers full of food, fun, and friends as a way to combine his love for entertaining, creativity, and delicious food.


He had such a natural flare for selecting and staging food in beautiful and unique ways that word spread rapidly. Before he knew it, friends and family were begging for his help at their own parties and events. 

From hobby to business

The requests for Diego's food artistry continued to snowball. Friends and family referred their friends and family...who referred their friends and family...and so on...and so on.

Diego never seriously considered converting his sideline hobby into an actual business until it became obvious he'd never keep up with all the requests and referrals unless he got serious about it.


"You should do this as a business," a good friend said. "You're really, really good at it."


So with that encouragement, Diego took his talent for food and style and made the leap into entrepreneurship in 2018. He established Royal House of Cheese and quickly grew it into a successful and popular business in Cookeville. With his background in the food industry, his natural creativity, a genuine love for his clients, and the eye of a true artist, Diego's reputation has grown steadily since then.

"Too gouda to be true"

Through the years, Royal House of Cheese has built an impeccable reputation for crafting gourmet grazing tables, cheese boxes, beautiful edible art, and luxurious picnics.


Whether it's an intimate marriage proposal picnic for two or a corporate event with a hundred guests, Diego's aesthetic flare is impossible to imitate or forget.

"If eyes could taste and tastebuds could see, they'd want a Royal House of Cheese experience," says Diego. "That's my guiding philosophy. I create a feast for the eyes as well as the tastebuds for my clients and their guests. That's what makes a Royal House of Cheese food experience so special."

Diego is also fluent in Spanish.

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